Project: Affinity Machine on Open Day 2018, Monash University Caulfield Campus; Photos by SensiLab


Project description

Being accepted to participate in the Winter Research Scholarship project with SensiLab in 2018, I am more than excited to engage in creating a collaborative experience for Monash University Open Day as part of the team (Gideon Rubin, Nhu Duong, Mohan Lei, Andrew Barnhill).

My role in the team is to design and provide with a visual solution for the remote communication experience. During the 6-week period of creating and developing process, we have questioned how the relationships between users may change as we venture beyond conventional rituals, together with developing skills within and beyond each of our specialty.

You can view the full project on SensiLab's website here.


Early Concept (Visual Identity)


Early Concept (Space)


Final concept (Exhibition setup)


Event Posters

Caulfield (Light Green) and Clayton (Light blue) Posters design for Affinity Machine